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Minimal, House, Techno, Electro, Tech, Beat, Trance, с предварительным прослушиванием!
Лучшие релизы крупнейших британских и европейских лейблов.
Доступ к exclusive Beatport archive по FTP (FTP affiliate quota).
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Активировать тариф "Progressive"


New best offer:

FTP+DVD access. New rates "Progressive". Attractive offer - save up to 20%.
Выгодное предложение!

Активируй тариф "Progressive"

Tariff "Progressive":

This tariff allows you to reduce costs by 10% per month (up to 5 euro for the monthly archives to DVD and 3 euro for access to the server via FTP), and 20% at a time when the initial connection.
Perfect for DJs, who were constantly at clubs and on tour. To connect the services needed to pay for 3 months before.
For example: you are measured to order archives for 3 months in before. Then you do the order for the current archive, the imposed which cost will be equal to 3-rd archives, a minus the discount in 17 euro (140 euro in view of delivery). The others 2 archives come to you without payment for delivery.
To carry out the order is necessary to send an email Progressive this information:
- Month and the name of the variety of product (such as January or a new DVD this week);
- The name and detailed mailing address of the recipient (country, zip code, city, street, house, apartment). Additional or alternative means of communication (ISQ, Skype, phone contact) - as you wish (optional);
- E-mail (optional);
- Payment services;
- Order fare Progressive (switching to this tariff).


Payment: We accept ecash:

- Bank remittance;
- Express transfer;
- PayPal;
- Western Union;
- MoneyGram;
- Moneybookers;
- WebMoney (WME/WMZ).


Mandatory term delivery worldwide:

For residents of Europe, the delivery of our products is carried out by 100% in advance (only!).


Our prices:

10 - 15 DVD (full monthly archive: 40-50 GB) = 85 EURO
1 DVD (your compiled: 4.5 GB) = 20 EURO
1 CD (your compiled: 750 MB) = 8 EURO
Access to the server: high-speed downloading (FTP) = 23 EURO
Activation of tariff Progressive = 140 euros.
The others 2 archives come to you without payment for delivery.
Prolongation of tariff Progressive saves your expenses for 10%.(not including the cost of delivery of DVD-archive to your home country from Russia).



All departures are carried out by Mail of Russia 1 class (accelerated or delivery by airmail). More in detail about tariffs Mail of Russia and costs of delivery in your region it is possible to learn on an official site:


Quality of Service:

We guarantee quality and timely delivery of its products anywhere in the world.
We value our reputation, and for this reason that we did during the time of our company is not the case occurred when a customer was dissatisfied. We have received only positive feedback in your address and expand the sales volume every day. We do not do a self - we recommend a professional and our customers around the world.
All the contentious issues we will definitely decide in favor of the buyer.


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